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The number one choice of serious offshore anglers and captains, Tiagra reels feature an innovative hydrothermal drag system that virtually eliminates the drag setting variances that affect today's big-game reels. The Tiagra series offers the strength and reliability of a solid aluminum frame, making these reels ideal for fishing with heavier line for giant fish. These reels are also perfectly suited for long-range fishing.



HAGANE is a Shimano reel design concept created to withstand continual use and extreme abuse. HAGANE is an innovation with built-in toughness and durability that works alongside Shimano's precision engineering. HAGANE is for all anglers.

HAGANE Body Baitcasting

The HAGANE Body is a metal reel body with high rigidity. The body rigidity and impact resistance virtually eliminates body flexing on the reel while fighting fish. The result transforms the angler's actions directly into cranking power, increasing efficiency through strength.

A-RB Baitcasting

A-RB stainless-steel ball bearings are specially treated to drastically increase the corrosion resistance of the bearing. These bearings will last at least 10 times longer than standard stainless-steel ball bearings in high salinity environments.


Model: TI30WLRSA


Model: TI50WLRSA

Bearings  4BB
Gear Ratio

High: 3.9:1

Low: 1.7:1


High: 3.1:1

Low: 1.3:1

Line Per Handle Turn

High: 41"



High: 37"

Low: 15"


55.6 oz


86.2 oz

Line Capacity (Lb Test/Yards)

Mono: 30/935, 50/570

Power Pro: 65/1435, 80/1180, 100/865


Mono: 80/550

Power Pro: 80/1575, 100/1235, 150/1180

Max Drag

35 Lbs


40 Lbs

Retrieve Right

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